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Cold Blooded Killers Review *Spoiler Free

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Cold Blooded Killers is billed on IMDB as a horror film and released by TriCoast Entertainment’s horror label Dark-Coast.

Whilst Cold Blooded Killers is labelled as a horror movie, it does have horror moments - but I would firmly suggest this movie sits into the action movie category.

This movie has a cast like no other, this movie is jammed pack full of horror icons. Felissa Rose, Caroline Williams and Dave Sheridan. That's not all there’s Yan Birch (Terror Tales, The People Under the Stairs), Brinke Stevens (Rattlers 2, Slumber Party Massacre), Sheri Davis (Tales for the Campfire 3, The Devils Heist) and Ricky Dean Logan (Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and probably even more! This is the holy grail of horror superstars.

On the Padgett County line, there is a rundown strip club called the Golden Monkey, run by Becky Cross who is sexy but tough as nails. One of her girls, Misty, was brutally murdered in the parking lot. Three nights later, her sister Rose shows up to investigate. The women must team up, find the man that killed Misty, and get their revenge. Hank, the man responsible for Misty’s murder, begins hiring hit-men to kill the women. Big mistake. The hunt is on.

Cold Blooded Killers is an indie action movie with attitude. The film is focused around a mobile phone app that helps people organise murderous 'hits' and the hitmen /women can find those jobs and bid to win the kill. All types of assassins are present here and it a hoot every time we meet a new one!

This film does have some budget drawbacks, but the film reminded me of an indie 80's grindhouse movie. It kept my attention and whilst I laughed at moments it managed to keep my attention with some phenomenal performances. If you are looking for a fun low-budget movie to pass a Saturday night, you could treat yourself to viewing Cold Blooded Killers for some laugh out-loud action drama.

Horror fan boy moan; Whilst there are so many exciting names in this movie and it's great to see everyone, not everyone gets a good amount of screen time. I for one was excited to see Brinke Stevens and Felissa Rose starring together on screen again. Brinke Steven's role in the movie is small, good but small. Maybe there is room for her very own sequel? What I think would of been fun is to of had Brinke join Caroline Williamson and Felissa as a trio of friends, like a indie grindhouse 'Charlies Angels'. I think this is an awesome idea, I'm running off to pitch this!

Cold Blooded Killers is available to stream.

The Awards:

Winner of Best Character: Rose - She is bad ass!

Winner of Best Acting: Felissa Rose.

Best Moment: The big shoot out, outside. The moment where Caroline Williams grabs a chainsaw!

RATING: 3.5 / 5

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