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Movie Review: BEARRY (2021)

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

BEARRY is the cutest gift, enough to mend a broken heart, and ensure it is never broken ever again!

I was lucky to review an early screener of BEARRY this week. And the pleasure was truly mine. "I Love You BEARRY Much". (Quote from the movie)

Killer soft animals, blood, laughs and Felissa Rose - you will laugh and love BEARRY.

Now when it comes to comedy horror we all know it is sometimes hard to pull it off. Sometimes it works, sometimes it falls flat. BEARRY I have the pleasure of telling you succeeds where so many others have failed.

Everyone needs a little BEARRY in their lives!

BEARRY starts off introducing us to Chloe (played by Sarah French) who is our leading star, she is at the end of tether with her husband but wants to work things out. Her husband on the other hand (played by Kevin Caliber) see's things a little differently. Pulling what could be described a 'dick' move he exits the marriage in pursuit of younger more supposedly illustrious endeavours. Chloe is left broken hearted and single. That is until Sam her best friend (Played by Felissa Rose) storms in with a feel good gift. A GIANT teddy bear called BEARRY. You can even press his stitched heart and he says "I Love You Bearry Much". I mean life couldn't get any better. Or could it? Well all is not well as Chloe attempts to piece her life back together, she soon realises that the her conquest for love and happiness is fraught with stumbling blocks. Even arousing the suspicions of the Police. Maybe her ex-husband is back to ruin her life? or maybe, just maybe her humungous stuffed teddy bear wants her all to himself?

Now wanting the keep this review as spoiler free as possible as I don't want to give too much away (well more than the trailer allows). But the first question I am sure you have is - Is BEARRY any good? Simple and short answer - YES.

BEARRY's director Alexander T. Hwang manages to avoid the pitfalls of many independent productions that can take you out of the film and the experience. The cinematography is perfect, scenes are shot well with attention to detail, lighting and angles creating just the right atmosphere throughout. Crisp clear audio and an understated score give this film the perfect high production value seldom seen in the independent world. The movie has a runtime just over 1 hour and 22 minutes and allows for a perfectly paced movie that grabs your attention and keeps you eager to see the story unfold. The film is written by Kathleen W. Hwang and

Anthony Werley and their skills to create a witty, and well constructed script shows.

BEARRY navigates the tricky world of horror comedy with ease and light heartedness. There were genuine laugh out loud moments throughout the film that are juxtaposed with an emotionally intelligent set of characters who you route for throughout the drama that ensues.

ACTING: The acting in BEARRY is top notch. We have an incredible cast. Starting with our leading lady Sarah Finch who plays Chloe. Sarah manages to captivate the audience with a believable approach that enables you to empathise with her, and follow her through her quest to find a new soul mate. This is no easy task in this movie. Sarah has to jump between giving the audience vulnerability, sadness and anxiety to comedic reactions, confusion and terror all rolled into one. Luckily for this movie Sarah knocks it out the park. Giving you someone you care about and want to see succeed.

One of the best parts of BEARRY is the strong supporting cast. Felissa Rose the veteran Scream Queen herself gives an amazingly comedic performance as the character Sam. Sam has by far the best one liners in the movie. "Back off Viper" is just one of her quick witted retorts that she delivers to Charles Chudabala's character and had me in stitches. Her character is the best friend we all want. The type of strong willed, unapologetic person that will be there for you no matter what. Sam likes a drink (who doesn't) and isn't afraid to call out, or do whatever it takes to put her best friend back on the path of happiness. Felissa manages to grab your attention with both hands from her first scene. Look out for a little 'Sleepaway Camp' nod when she refers to her daughter in the movie by name. Felissa is one of those actresses that when you add her to the cast you know you are going to get star power and value. Felissa shines with comedy and gives Chloe a true best friend (and not of the furry kind).

Charles Chudabala brings excitable energy to his role as Luis who joins Chloe (Sarah French) and Sam (Felissa Rose) as a trio of friends. Charles's portrayal is sweet and humbled. A perfect comedic pairing especially when paired with Sam (Felissa Rose). My only negative thing to say about this film was we didn't see enough of Luis. Maybe he could return for the sequel?

Stand Out Performance: Thomas Hadley plays Stephen and what a dreamy delight he portrays. Stephen is a sentimental kind and gentle soul, who observes Chloe's (Sarah French) character going through the events of the film. He innocently watches as her attempts at love fail, when you can instantly sympathise with his longing to love her. Thomas plays this part brilliantly, and creates a charismatic and loveable person where you instantly fall in love with him.

Other Notable Performances: Kevin Caliber slays the part of Andrew the a**hole ex-husband. Kevin makes this misogynistic character work perfectly for the audience enabling us the viewers to route against him - great job in a difficult role. During the film Chloe goes on a number of dates. Each one is presented in speed dating setup. Many of these small movie cameos are laugh out loud, with each date seemingly being worse than the last and indeed funnier to watch. One of the funniest / shocking dates comes from up-and-coming actor Colton Wheeler who plays a fitness obsessed jock type character and makes you as an audience member want to reach out and slap the screen. Colton brings this character to life brilliantly and was my favourite of many fine performances and brilliantly comedically written dates.

If you want a movie that merges a slasher movie with a murderous children's toy this is the movie for you. The film is cutting edge and cute as a button. BEARRY is cuddly and sweet and can kill, move over chucky. Beautifully shot, acted to perfection. Rent and Buy the movie soon with VOD release coming in August 2021.

The Awards:

Winner of Best Character: Thomas Hadley

Winner of Best Acting: Sarah French

Winner of Best Comedic Performance: Felissa Rose

Best Kill: *I wont spoil any deaths - but it involves a man and a shower!

Winner of Best Supporting Character: Kevin Caliber

RATING: 5/5 - Seriously, check it out and you will love it BEARRY much!

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